[JWID Design] provides professional consultation regarding to architecture, construction, interior and product design. [JWID Design] interpretates traditional Chinese culture by combining the eastern and western aesthetics in a very own way. Paying careful attention to each steps of the past and the present. [JWID Design] provides elaborate solutions and professional decisions for the future. Through the interpretation of the things we face,[JWID Design] delivers unique design philosophy along with high-grade service and design solution to all of our valued clients.

JWID 极物商务咨询,隶属于极物投资集团,由姚君携国内一线优秀设计师们组建的创新设计团队,可谓是国内领先的商业创新咨询机构。

JWID is a leading commercial innovation consulting organization in China. Focusing on innovative home furnishings, adhering to stable development, sticking to continuous innovation and open cooperation.
JWID provides professional consultation services from ideation to production, and all the way to sales side. Committed to providing enterprises with innovative and sustainable development of the future, JWID also creates high quality and comfortable living experiences for people.